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Indian Dance

Indian dance is one of our companies most highly acclaimed specialist topics and we offer Indian dance workshops for all ages from early years to secondary and higher education across the UK. Our exciting Indian dance workshops have been developed over years of teaching practice by professional Bollywood performers so your pupils can be assured of an engaging and authentic educational experience.

Focusing on two key styles of Bollywood and Bhangra dance pupils explore the traditions and cultural differences within India, as well as being introduced to the traditional customs.

Bhangra Dance

Bounce along to the Punjabi beats and learn the movements to this traditional Punjabi wedding dance 'Balle Balle'. Bhangra is fantastic for students of all ages but especially for early years and primary groups as the basics are easy to learn and the music is infectious. Additional resources and visual stimuli help support early years pupils knowledge and understanding.

Bollywood Dance

Experience the glamour of Bollywood within our exuberant and exciting Indian dance workshops. Learn the secrets behind Bollywood's unique dance style, workshops taught by professional Bollywood dancers who have worked on films both within the UK and India.

Pupils will be engaged and challenged by the unique blend of cultural, historical and physical content. Workshops embrace an array of interactive teaching methods ensuring all learning levels are effectively included. Our Bollywood dance workshops work particularly well with mixed gender groups of all ages due to its physicality and vibrancy.


"Thank you so much for another wonderful dance day! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff were particularly impressed by how sophisticated and varied the dances were...and taught in such short spaces of time. Look forward to seeing you again the year after next...if not sooner!"

Mrs Heeley, Year 4 Teacher, Primary School, Nottingham, March 2011